Sundays In The City - Lifestyle + Health + Relationship Blog

Hi! I’m Naomi and I love coffee, and travel and yoga, and health, and sleeping in (I’m a Taurus) and dogs and men! Not necessarily in that order.

Basically, I love everything you’d enjoy doing on a Sunday! So, I created Sundays in the City as a creative outlet to share why I believe we can live every day as if it’s a Sunday.

I want to empower you to do your best and be your best. Enjoy your comfort zone and embrace change. Know who your best friends really are and most importantly love yourself! I’ve been there and done. Don’t you need 10,000 hours to be an expert at something?? I think I’m clocking in at about 345,675,843 hours so I’ve got you!

Here to help and inspire you to lead the happiest life you can. I live in Los Angeles, and spend a lot of time in NY. I’m intense with a bohemian soul and I find imperfection sexy! Embrace. It. All!