Hi!! And welcome to Sundays In the City!! Where relationships, real estate & business, home decor, clean health & beauty aaaaand mommy stuff all come together! We do it all anyway, so why not talk about it!

I’m Naomi and I love love, and lattes, and real estate and business and travel and yoga, and health, and sleeping in (I’m a Taurus) and dogs and men! Not necessarily in that order. Basically, I love everything you’d enjoy doing on a Sunday (There may be an accidental double entendre somewhere in there)!

I’m intense with a Bohemian Spirit, and I find imperfection sexy as hell!

While I recognize we all can’t sleep in until noon on a Monday or take that 2pm Thursday yoga class, Sundays in the City sprinkles a little bit of Sunday into every day! It’s a way of bringing those Soulful Sundays and Sunday Fundays into any day of the week you choose.


Sundays in the City will have fun and meaningful stories, tips and guides for you to use to create and empower yourself to truly do YOU! We cover business, real estate tips, relationship advice being a mommy and everything in between. It’s about enjoying and identifying where you are in the mix of it all and not forgetting YOU in the process. There will always be reminders you can change or edit your life Any. Time.You. Want.

Welcome to a little bit of Cosmo mixed with a little Forbes and a splash of Namaste in bed.

Don’t you need 10,000 hours to qualify as an expert at something?? I think I’m clocking in at about 345,675,843 hours of been there, done that, so I’ve got you!

Here to help and inspire you lead the happiest life you can.

“Never Lose Your Childish Enthusiasm” – Under The Tuscan Sun





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